Other Notable Project Experience

The City of McKinney, Texas Master Plan

Texas FlowersThe City of McKinney, Texas required a master land plan for over 4200 acres of what had been designated by ordinance the Regional Employment Center (REC).  The City of McKinney and the McKinney Economic Development Corporation retained Mr. Howell and a team of consultants (Gateway Planning Group) to identify appropriate land use, current trends and a fiscal impact analysis for land uses within the REC. This effort resulted in a planning district overlay.

Awards: Best Municipal Planning Effort – Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association,

Best Master Plan – Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association (Craig Ranch)

Past Projects and Experience

  • The Williamson County Multi-Corridor Transportation Plan provided a planning horizon to 2025, done in conjunction with Prime Strategies, Inc.. The analysis of both the state and county roadway network provided Williamson County with both short and long range corridor priorities. Efforts included transportation modeling, policy recommendations, and negotiations with rail agencies, municipal partnership agreements and funding strategies. This project went on to develop the priorities for a referendum for the issuance of over $200 million in general obligation bonds.
  • Phases I and II of the Hays County Transportation Plan – done in conjunction with Prime Strategies, Inc ,including development of street cross-sections.
  • Leander City ParkLeander, Texas – Bledsoe City Park
  • Negotiated upstream and downstream interests for an amendment to the Lower Colorado River Authority’s legislation that would allow them to serve Williamson County from the Colorado Basin (out of basin).
  • Neo-traditional development Georgetown, Texas
  • The Veloway at Circle C
  • Slaughter Creek Park at Circle C
  • Project manager for Mopac South and SH 45 SW
  • Mr. Howell managed all engineering, surveying, and construction efforts for the implementation of over $200 million in bond improvements for water, wastewater and transportation in southern Austin as part of both the Southwest Plan and the development of Circle C MUD’s and subdivision.
  • Managed a number of Civil Engineering firms with up to 250 employees, Utility Districts, Planning firms and projects executed as part of consortiums.
  • Manage Brooks Water and Sewer District in Casper, Wyoming – held Class A Water and Wastewater operators license.
  • Design of the State Highway 258 or the Outer Drive of Casper Wyoming.
  • Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant for Trails West, Casper Wyoming
  • Prepare Part A and B of hazardous waste permits for the Red Desert in Wyoming – clients: Ed Herschler, Dick Cheney, Dick Anselmi

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