Pix Howell

PixMr. Howell is a Facilitator and Program Manager with over forty years experience in resource planning, policy development and management. Mr. Howell assists communities, counties and municipalities in the development of utilities, transportation, parks, recreation and master plans.

He is a planner, senior project manager and program manager that has been in charge of coordination, design and implementation of over $2 billion in master plans, infrastructure and development projects over his career.

Pix Howell’s background in urban planning, policy development, land development, recreational planning, utility bundling, major water and wastewater infrastructure, funding strategies, transportation planning and infrastructure implementation provide a unique understanding of the economic impacts of infrastructure within a master planning effort or governmental jurisdiction. Mr Howell is currently serving as president of Diverse Planning and Development and has been the Urban Design Officer for the City of Leander, Texas. He has also been consulting , on both urban and rural projects and works informally with various municipalities and counties on regional policy issues. When with the City of Leander he served on the Technical Advisory Committee to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. He was President of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Central Texas Utilities Development Corporation which wrested control of utilities located from Burnet County to Matagorda County from the Lower Colorado River Authority, who was trying to sell them to a Investor Owned Utility in Canada.

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