“Extreme droughts and population growth present Texas with significant water supply challenges. Pix sees challenges as opportunities, and is promoting a concept for a regional water supply system that is different than anything I’ve considered before. Whatever the outcome, I am encouraged to see him taking the initiative to engage Central Texas stakeholders in a dialogue around some out‐of‐the box thinking that has potential to lead to answers for one of our region’s most critical needs.”

Senator Kirk Watson

“Pix Howell and I have worked collaboratively on water issues in central Texas for over a year. Pix has been instrumental in d l developing groups of citizens, business leaders and politicians in an effort to put emphasis on our critical need…WATER.”

Burnett County Judge Donna Klaeger

“Over 50 years ago in the midst of a tragic drought, noted historian Walter Prescott Webb wrote a small book titled “More Water for Texas”. His plan was a string of water plants along the Texas Coast. His plan was flawed but his vision was not, he understood the most important Texas water fact, true then, true now. In Texas our growth is not where the water is, and where there is water there is not enough. Pix Howell gets that, and carries a vision as clear as Webb. We must develop a water resource network below the Hill Country and the Highland Lakes or we will loose them. The only way to save the Highland Lakes, the only way to ensure the future of the Hill Country is to adequately develop and better manage the water resources, all sources, downstream. Pix Howell is uniquely qualified to help that challenge become a realistic, implementable plan, the 21st century vision of More Water for Texas.”

Mark Rose, General Manager of Bluebonnet Electric Coop

 “The history of progressive action on the preservation and fair distribution of water in Texas is not a happy one. The situation is becoming more critical as demand on this limited resource increases and dryer conditions become our “new normal.” Statewide policy, financing and implementation are not forthcoming. A new paradigm is called for.” “Pix Howell is at the forefront of the exploration of that new paradigm. A fresh approach will most likely be discovered through regional partnerships between the public and private sectors producing policy, financing and infrastructure plans that can be repeated across the state. I expect to find Pix right in the middle of that fresh approach”

Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt, Pct. 2 Travis County

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Pix Howell over the past 18 months. Pix blends unusual visionary skills with exceptional pragmatic implementation. He is a gifted leader, an excellent communicator and superb implementation facilitator. Without his skills, we would not have been able to achieve a lease‐purchase plan for the divestiture of the LCRA West Travis County Regional Water and Wastewater system, instead of its being sold to a investor‐owned private operator.”

Larry Fox, Ph.D. President, West Travis County Public Utility Agency